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By now we have all heard about solar panels in Brimfield, MA and how great they can be for the environment and how much money they can save you on your utility bills, right? Solar energy is a hot topic right now and everyone wants more information on the subject. This is just a quick review of the ups and downs of using solar panels to provide energy for your home. The Bad news first.

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The Bad – The initial set up costs or residential solar systems can be too expensive for most homeowners, up to $20,000 to professionally outfit a household. It can be a hassle to get a zoning variance, depending on your community you live in, if you need one. (Most communities don’t but if you live in a big downtown city, well….)

The Ugly – Most people don’t think about this but the amount of energy you can use is dictated by the sun. If you don’t have a have a backup system, it’s possible to run out of power! Either you need a good battery system to have power available when your not generating it or you need to remain connected to the energy grid in your local area. Not too many people seem to mention this when talking about solar panels.

What If I Get Solar On My Home or Business in Brimfield, MA?

You will save energy by converting your home to use solar power and you will be conserving resources for future generations, and lowering your impact on the planet. You can also be paid by your utility company for the excess electricity you might generate. You can make money using solar power too! Not a lot to be honest, but some is better than none. Your property values will increase when you use alternative energy sources to power your home. The government also provides tax credits for certain solar applications. Cha Ching!

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Global warming, air pollution, depletion of fossil fuels - these are all serious topics that humankind must address if we are to survive. Fortunately, solar energy is a clean, renewable resource that will last for thousands of years.

Fun Fact #1 About Solar Energy

When sunlight travels through the atmosphere, its solar radiation is reduced by 23% due to reflection and absorption that occurs as the sunlight passes through layers of the atmosphere. Dust, clouds, and air pollutants all inhibit the ability of sunlight to provide solar energy power.

Fun Fact #2 About Solar Energy

As the sun reaches the surface of the earth, it is absorbed by the earth's oceans, plants, and lands. The heat of the sun that the oceans absorb is responsible for the for ocean currents.

Fun Fact #9 About Solar Energy

There is enough sunlight on the surface of the earth every hour to meet all the energy demands of the entire world for one full year.

Fun Fact #10 About Solar Energy

Albert Einstein won a Nobel prize in 1921 for his work with photovoltaic solar cells and solar energy.

So, you see, solar energy isn't all work and no play. I hope you have enjoyed reading these fun facts about solar energy.

Use of a Commercial Solar Energy System to Save Money

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All over the world, the transition of power systems based on conventional fossil fuels to those systems that use renewable sources of energy is taking place. This change is needed, but many enterprises hesitate to make the complete change over to environment-friendly power systems mainly because they are not aware of the new emerging technology in the field of solar power systems.

Power grid installation and savings

The installation itself is simple, and you can finish the entire thing in a couple of days. However, you must wait for some time to know your savings. The return on investment of a commercial solar energy system is calculated for a span of 5 years or more. Here are some of the questions new owners of the solar power grid will have.

Every concern in the world sees the inevitability of change and the need for it. Most of them have made the change or are in the process of making the change to solar power systems. By making an early change, you can stay ahead of the race.

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